Shadowrun: Keys to the Kingdom

The Saga begins

God help us all

no idea if this is the real date or not but whatever long story short everyone got picked up by the cops and throw in the slammer (the slammer is what you call jail when youre really angry about something) and then who would show up but Annie goldbloom viper whatshernuts saying im a fixer i need you all to work together and get paid and we were all like okay.

the johnson was met there was a drag race (iza won) and then locke and jack played the distraction whilst the others (no legger yet) were all sneaky and burned down the hotel after getting the comlink they needed.

it went well I think.


>>>>>>[11/10 Iza would read again]<<<<<<
-HaleStorm, Irish Sniper Extraordinaire!

The Saga begins

damn fragging right you would now say that to my face with black betty in hand you irish prick

The Saga begins
Pantaleon acappellaCantabile

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