Save one, Kill a thousand


There’s more to this Amerindian that meets the eye. Physically he is unremarkable, with long black hair that is often slicked back. For clothing he prefers tuxedos and other overly formal outfits; almost always accenting them with a wolf’s bane flower. Magic users, however, will notice an oddity about this arms dealer. Aconite is dual-nurtured and often seems to have trouble grasping social norms; which has lead some to believe he’s not a metahuman at all, but something else entirely.


Aconite is a prestigious weapons dealer for the Main Team. Vending only the finest in killing machines from his mobile storefront in the back of a double-trailered Semi-truck. His reasons for doing this can be best described as the OPPOSITE of the assassin’s creed. Rather then kill one to save a thousand; Aconite saves one murderer in hopes that he will go on to kill a thousand. He’s completely misanthropic and often offers discounts to people he knows will use his weapons properly. On the surface level… and most other levels, Aconite is a monstrous enabler of violence; but for those who know what he truly is… there’s something almost… tragic about it all…


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