Amaterasu (Ami Yamada)

8 year old Ork girl technomancer


Ami is an oni, a metavariant of an Ork. Her skin is blue, she has bulging eyes, tusks, and a single horn growing out of the middle of her forehead. She obscures her face with her long and stark white hair. As she is goblinized, she dos not age at the same rate as a normal ork, instead aging as any human would. On the matrix her avatar is that of a young human girl in a sun dress, her hair constantly flowing as if caught by a breeze. This was her original appearance, and the one thing she clings to.

(Cinnamon bun, too precious for this world)

>whoa look at this drek. I still have permission on the boards.


>hey ami did ya look into that partlist i gave your mum, the ares one?



Ami was born with a weak heart, a rare blood type, and a sensitive system that would prevent her from accepting artificial parts. For the first few years of her life she was human. But then she suddenly goblinized to become an Oni, like her father. The goblinization process aggravated her heart condition, causing her to require constant medical supervision. Fortunately, one of her father’s contacts was able to cite her as an important research candidate, placing her under his care. As Ami is rarely allowed to leave her room she spends most of her time on the matrix. Though few would be able to tell.

As a technomancer, Ami controls technology through force of will, compiling sprites as her sole friends and playmates. Under the tutelage of a mentor named Index she honed her raw potential as a technomancer its absolute extremes. She is certainly one of the strongest technomancers her age, and operates on Jackpoint as an information dealer, taking contracts to help pay her own medical bills. Shadowrunning is in her blood, after all. it only makes sense that she start in the family buisness early.

Amaterasu (Ami Yamada)

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