Hand of God, Nightmare Fuel



As one of the most heavily augmented characters to appear in the campaign, Dollface has virtually no visible skin, often bringing her race and even her meta-humanity into question. Her build however, appears to be human; though extremely well developed. The most noticeable of her augmentations are easily her dual cyber arms; with her only her ever present helmet being more iconic. So far Dollface has only been seen wearing combat biker gear, which might suggest she has a history with the sport; but for now her past, voice, race, and even face remain a mystery to the main team.

As the physical combat specialist of the rival team, Dollface is (quite literally) built like a tank. This mute, psychotic biker was first encountered by the main team during the Hex Exchange; and has been a thorn in their side ever since. She has a vast arsenal of implanted weapons at her disposal, but seems to favor a Mono-Filament whip. That combined with her natural affinity for all things motorcycle and a truly ridiculous amount of armor make dollface a force to be reckoned with, even against a team of six hardened mercenaries.


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