Internet Troll With Guns, What Could Go Wrong?


Hyde is… many things, some of which he’s not even sure of himself. On the Matrix he is Doctor Jekyll, hated LOVED member of the JackPoint message boards; recognized easily by his plague doctor avatar and “colorful” personality. In meatspace he is something else entirely. Physically, Hyde appears young, roughly early twenties, though his actual age is unknown. His most notable features include obsolete data and skill jacks installed on either side of his forehead which stand out against his shaved head (and very much resemble filed down horns). What’s more, Hyde is heterochromatic. One of his eyes is green while the other is blue. You’d think someone with such a rare trait would be relatively easy to find and research… you would be wrong….

Hyde is a part of the Rival shadowrunning team. He serves as both the matrix and weapons expert. His history is a complicated one. Due to a faulty BLT personafix, and an unfortunate stroke of luck, Hyde possess the memories of two different people; and is incapable of determining which is his actual life. Both people are missing, roughly his age, similar to him in appearance, and strangest of all: both have a reason to possess his unique eyes and augmentations; leading to speculation that some memories exist only to bridge the gaps.

Hyde GENERALLY has a unified personality, he is abrasive and quick to start a fight but not above calming himself when focus is needed. He displays a near obsession with being too slow, and a constant fear of being caught unaware. His augmentations reflect these traits. He’s equipped with reaction enhancers and wired reflexes that allow him to think, act, (and speak) at superhuman speeds. Hyde also possesses sleep and pain editors that when combined with his mild longhall addiction and severe insomnia, cause him to sleep only about once every 3 months. In combat, Hyde’s military training coupled with his extreme focus and alertness bordering on paranoia; make him an accident waiting to happen.


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