A short, angry Japanese rigger


Standing at five foot three, with all of her hair shaved except for a long pony tail surrounding her datajack, Izanagi looks very much like a runner. Her face is almost perpetually in a frown or a scowl, and she wears the classic lined coat over a chameleon suit. Mirrored shades block her eyes and she is rarely seen without her trusty shotgun, Black Betty, and RCC in hand.


The rigger of the main team, Izanagi greatly lives up to the title of “The wrathful one.” Short and short tempered, she is often the first one to lash out at her teammates, though she knows better than to open her mouth in a situation with a Johnson or other sensitive time and place.

She was born and raised in Seattle, in one of the more affluent neighborhoods. Her parents were, and still are, generic corporate wageslaves. She went through life, on a fast track to join her family in the corps, until she met someone.

Touma “Izanami” Zaraki.

She never elaborates on how specifically they met, but their love came fast and hard. At first Reiko was positive that Touma would be an accepted member of her family. Her parents, being recent immigrants from California, held fast to their Japanese pride. Touma was an Oni, an ork metavarient found only in those of Japanese heritage. However, it soon became known that Touma would never be accepted.

He lacked a SIN.

The Yamadas were staunch in the belief that those without SINs were “not people.” After a glorious fight and storming out Reiko left, never to return. At age 18, she eloped and started a new life. Touma taught her how to handle a shotgun, and she taught Touma what it really meant to drive a vehicle. Reiko’s pregnancy only further cemented their love and willingness to be together, though deep down both knew that biology was against them. Regardless, Reiko was positive her years with Touma would be the best of her life.

Ami Yamada was born with a defective heart. With many trips to the ICU and bills to pay Touma picked up as many jobs as he could. The Rigger was forced to operate outside his standard shadowrunning team more than once. Reiko used her bilingual abilities to both tutor students and create a linguisoft as a way to contribute, though she spent much of her time in the hospital. Life was difficult, but eventually Ami was well enough to live at home, though with frequent visits and housecalls.

For a few years, all was well. But then, at age six, Ami suddenly goblinized. Her heart condition worsened, leaving her stuck in the hospital. One of Touma’s contacts, a cardiologist, was able to provide her a permanent residency, on grounds of her being such a rare case. Though old friends, hospital bills still needed to be paid, and Izanami, though creeping upon middle age, once more stood up to provide the only way he knew how.

Things went wrong. In a side job involving Mitsuhama, the rigger was shot and killed. Devastated, and with no one else to turn to for advice, she asked Dr. Fuji what to do. His advice was simple and blunt. Become a Rigger. Take Izanami’s place in the shadows, and provide for Ami. Using an emergency fund Reiko refurbished Touma’s control rig, and had it implanted in her. She aproached one of Touma’s old teammates, an elf by the name of Legger, and asked for assistance getting started in the shadows. As the two had grown close, she accepted and Izanagi was born.

Fueled by grief and rage, Izanagi runs to support her daughter and uncover the mystery behind her husband’s death. With Black Betty, the shotgun Touma gave her, in one hand, and her RCC in the other, she walks ever forward. Social ineptitude turned to misanthropy, a broken heart that refuses to heal, high octane fuel for blood, and an ever looming dread at what the shadows might force her to become. Those are what define this runner.


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