Deceptive, Duplicitous, and Highly Addictive



Sleek, Sexy, and nearly human. This suit wearing elf is the leader of the Rival Team that has been plaguing the main runners for some time now. He’s yet to be seen in anything less then formal wear befitting of a corporate executive. As an extremely powerful mage, he can often be difficult to spot; but whether he’s invisible and levitating or masked and blending, Khan can’t avoid his archaic addition to Nico-Sticks, or Cigarettes as they were once known.


As of now, the team has only encountered Khan twice; but he has a nasty habit of appearing in pre & post run cut-scenes; as well as a brief cameo in the prime runner plot. When he is encountered, the human-looking-elf makes no attempt to hide his massive amount of magical talent. Khan clearly has some stake in the larger events of the campaign; but exactly what that is and how he contributes to the rise of the Abrlrldduu…. remains to be seen.


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