Shadowrun: Keys to the Kingdom

in which izanagi returns and we get shot by the yakuza
the drek i have to put up with

again no idea what the right date for this is so fraggiit, it happened on the fifteenth, we can change it later, anyway, due to issues i was unable to take part in the planning stages of our first big hit together, which was against azetechnology, blood magic soaked fragheads, since i knew it was proper form to get a replacement in, even if not another rigger, since id be back the next day anyhow, i called up my chummer Legger, she taught me a lot of important stuff about the shadows plus shes an adept and we needed someone that could punch things better than me.

by the way one of you fragging dogbrains needs to write the report on what happened when i wasnt here because i have no idea what the frag would have created the situation i walked in on

i get the location of the """""""""""safe house"""""""""""" that everyone was hanging out in, i show up, jack has no pants on, and someone ordered probably fifty troll sized spaghetti plates or something, no one has any kind of weaponry worth a damn, and Halestorm is nowhere to be seen.

then we get flashbanged

who should show up but the fragging yakuza? they smash through the window demanding the commlink, i give a witty one liner only they can understand and then there’s a knock at the door, Locke goes to answer while the yakuza get out of sight, and then he just closes the door and gets blown backwards by a fragging grenade.

the drek i put up with.

so those nighthunter fraggers sautner in all dreck hot and demanding the commlink, im over by Locke for some reason, no betty, no drones, just my shock frills, my shock gloves, and a tazer, jack is naked, dax is unarmed, and Legger, too good for this world, too pure, has her fists.

The battle was already won.

i inform the nighthunters that the commlink is not in our posession, that the yakuza, may they forever burn, have it (they didnt) and then a firefight breaks out.

I get a good shot on the nearest chromedome, watch that metal, omae, conducts like a bitch don’t it? and then Locke and i take him on while the yakuza and night hunters tear each other apart.

Also Legger did a bunch of punching and that really helped, eventually there’s just like one guy left standing and of course he’s the big one with a matching pair of katana and wakizashi in hand, real nice set, still have ‘em actually, long story short Legger and I do a drek hot one two combo and land him flat on his ass, Union Jack slams a phantasm on the room to make it look empty and totally unharmed just as a helicopter shows to to exfiltrate our yakuza chummers, Dax must’ve hacked the sensors because they came back negative and just flew off.

Then the hotel staff got involved.

Locke did some fast talking, and called in a favour from the Crimson Crush, managed to get us a place where we could do some interrogation.

We grilled the big boss a bit, with some help from his darling otoutou, but he slipped through the cuffs he was in and grabbed me, then he told me Izanami didn’t die for nothing before deciding to keel over.

The fragging drekhead had cyanide in a tooth compartment.

so i was left with more questions than answers with that, but that was a bunch less yakuza alive, so i was happy.

I cant remember if we did the run after that, or a day later. i was kinda stuck in my own head for a bit. if we did someone else make another fragging post

The side mission that was just me, Locke, and Iza

So, on that first mission that Viper sent us on, we ended up with a weird spare commlink, all the contacts encrypted. (We were sent after one, there were two of them, so we took them both not sure which was the one the Johnson had wanted.)

Izanagi had the commlink just shoved in a drawer and it starts beeping and drek…despite being turned off. So of course she calls me to take a look at the thing. Turns out, there was a data chip hidden inside the case of the commlink. Not everything was accessible, but I pulled what I could and sent a copy to Iza too. Turns out that weird shit would actually be important, but it actually didn’t matter for this mission.

While I was over at Iza’s still, I got a call from Viper about a job, meet up with the Johnson at a bar in the Barrens. We’re just like, “yeah, give us about an hour, we’ll be there,” and start calling up the others. Only one we could get a hold of was Locke.

We get there, and the Johnson’s a troll, so him and Locke get along all right. Locke even negotiates us an extra 1000 nuyen, so we each get 2000! Guy had a little bro in the Crimson Crush, and wants us to keep his bro out of a drug deal set to go down that night.

Locke insists on driving his own car to go do recon, while I ride along with Iza down to the docks. Once we’re there, she uses her cool flyspy to do some visual recon, while I hop into the Matrix to see what kind of security I could bypass, and to find out some more about the shipping manifests of the drug runner’s vessel. Turns out it was a huge ship that needed both of the docks, so there went our plan to have them unloading on one and we create a diversion on the other.

We have a good long chat trying to figure out a new plan to either keep the gang away, make the ship go elsewhere, or both, but the break we needed came from a fellow suspicious black van. Iza sends the flyspy to check out the van, and it’s full of Night Hunters. Good thing me and Locke were hiding in the back ’cause one of the Night Hunters comes over to us to check us out. Iza did a great job of pretending she was lost because her GridGuide got hacked. :)

Since we now have evidence of serious danger to the members of the Crimson Crush, Locke is able to go in and convince their leader that attempting to take on the Night Hunters would be suicide for them. Since they’re not going now, contract fulfilled.

But we’re still not fond of the Night Hunters ourselves so I edit security footage to make it look like the Night Hunters were there for the drugs (and not just to slaughter the Crimson Crush guys coming to get them). And being the “good civilians” that we are, of course we took that footage and turned it in to Knight Errant. They were kinda skeptical at first because they still thought we were the guys that stole an entire shipment of commlinks, but I am good at what I do.

Come morning, so satisfying, being 2000 nuyen richer and watching the newsfeeds about a major drug bust causing 15 Night Hunters to be arrested for novacoke trafficking. >:D

The Saga begins
God help us all

no idea if this is the real date or not but whatever long story short everyone got picked up by the cops and throw in the slammer (the slammer is what you call jail when youre really angry about something) and then who would show up but Annie goldbloom viper whatshernuts saying im a fixer i need you all to work together and get paid and we were all like okay.

the johnson was met there was a drag race (iza won) and then locke and jack played the distraction whilst the others (no legger yet) were all sneaky and burned down the hotel after getting the comlink they needed.

it went well I think.


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