The Myth, the Man, The Irishman.



Standing at 5’11", and weighing in at nearly 12 stone (Or 165 lbs, for you Imperialists, around 75 kg), HaleStorm is something of a ‘pretty boy’ for the Shadows.

Long blonde hair, green eyed in old-Irish fashion, he speaks with an over-the-top Celtic accent. He’s got a decent build, one that tells of someone who might hit the gym at least regularly, and in fashion, he’s pretty standard in the shadows:

Big duster, big dark clothes, big boots.

Occasionally supplanted by a chameleon suit.

He is the driver of an Ares Roadmaster kitted out with an Irish flag flying proud, his Éirinn go Brách. Upon the back of his duster, the Irish flag, with a golden harp, and a scroll bearing the famous words, ‘Éirinn go Brách’. Ireland Forever.



BODY 4/6








EDGE 5/6


Physical: 6

Mental: 4

Social: 6


HaleStorm— otherwise known as Leonard McHale— is relatively new to the Shadows. But due to his extensive military career in the UCAS Marine Corps, and with the mafia, he has made himself in positive way. At least, when he’s worked alone.

His life began in the Tir na nOg (which he has constantly refused to acknowledge as anything but Ireland).

Born in Donegal, he was raised by a relatively well off human family— the son of a former Garda Inspector, with political aspirations; and a mother who was a neurosurgeon in a particularly well off hospital in Dublin.

At some point in his childhood, this all took a turn for worse. The McHale family was out for what was an otherwise unspectacular evening, at the cinema. Upon leaving, the family went for the car, which had been targeted for a car bombing. His parents were killed in the blast, which also left him with a maimed leg, and less half an arm. His affluence, and the advanced Tir medical practices, helped give him the best synthskin-clad cyber he could get.

Official reports suggested that the bombing was random, but upon private investigation, the perpetrators were found to be from a branch of the Ancients, led by the elvish son of a particularly well off family.

Unfortunately for young McHale, this investigation would fall by the wayside, and eventually be swept under the table, much to the ire of the young Leonard, who had begun to develop a staunch hatred of the elven kind, and his perceived mistreatment.

Unable to continue the investigation, he moved to the United Kingdom at his grandparents urging. Later, he used his inheritance left in his parents will to emigrate to the UCAS, where he started schooling at Harvard. He majored in Law, with a minor in medical sciences, as per his father and mother’s wishes.

He would eventually drop out, and enlist in the UCAS Marine Corps, becoming a Scout Sniper. Officially, he was never deployed, and later received an honorable discharge. Unofficially, his work in the Shadows had begun. Many years in the service, he had seen many countries, and all of it unfortunately off the records. His life as a disposable asset was started, with distant ties to the UCAS Government.

Once discharged, he returned to his now-home of Boston, with a UCAS citizenship, and a need for work.

Finding work to be hard to come by for a man of his experience, he found his way to Seattle, where most who had served in his unit had gone, and eventually found himself involved in the O’Malley syndicate, running for the Finnegan Family. After making a name for himself, as HaleStorm, he began to dive deeper into the work of the Shadowrunner, separating from his former Mafia ties, if only partially, to begin independent work.

Running alone in the Shadows never led to much good. Years of this ordeal had taken it’s toll on him. He had often found his only companions to be the drink, and occasionally, the thrill of being on the dealing end of some proper vigilante justice.


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